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To Toby, the Cherub

May 24, 2014


On the other hand
Master Tobias, the Cat
Sits with fat cheeks
Whiskers intact

Under his nook
The coffee table he waits
For Madame Curie
To evacuate her place

Cherub is he with
An expression divine
Destined to be always
Second in line

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To Tinkerbell, the Cat who rides the Rocking Chair

May 22, 2014


Tinkerbell, her Majesty
Rides the cane chair
Asking to be rocked
By anyone there

Pink tongue out
Limbs wriggling in glee
Imploring to be rocked
Should you dare flee

Purring in happiness
Such love abounds
Looking up to you
Blue eyes so round

How can you not
Submit to the plea
To be rocked & rocked
From Madame Curie?

September 6th 2009

To Freedom

May 10, 2014


May I be free to soar high like a kite on an endless ride,
May I be free to swim like a whale one with the tide.
May I be free to swing like a trapeze artist without any fear,
May I be free to swivel like a cat on a roundabout chair!
May I be free to sway like a shadow attached to no form,

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