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Meditation with a Cat

May 25, 2014


Unmoving, she sits, majestic and resplendent –
Eyes closed, whiskers fanned, ears perked, tail tucked –
Statuesque and perfectly still


Impatiently, I move, unable to ease neither body, nor mind into stillness –
Eyes fluttering, muscles tense, ears alert, legs restless –
Un-stately and agitated.

Silent and serene, she maintains his pose –
Aware of external sounds, yet disregarding them

Jerky and fidgety, I struggle to keep mine –
Aware of external stimuli, unable to ignore them.

Effortlessly, she empties her mind and contemplates upon nothing at all –
With mind-boggling speed, my thoughts spin like clothes in a dryer.

In trust and harmony with the universe, she purrs –
Discordant, I’m edgy to express the million contortions of my mind.

Restive, she sits and sits and sits
Uneasy, I yearn to get going with a zillion things.

Calmly, she opens her eyes to gaze at and watch the world –
Stressed, mine move from object to object, observing too much.

Gracefully, she stretches her limbs, and tucks them back into position
Awkwardly, I shift mine around like a contortionist in a rap dance.

Poised and elegant, she walks away quietly –
Irreverently, I hasten noisily, to tasks at hand.

Composed and dignified she’s the epitome of Ms Cool Cat –
Ruffled and harried I’m the personification of The Restless Human

It’s really quite amazing how much one can learn from a cat.

March 26th 2012



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  1. Nita Bammi #
    May 26, 2014

    The truth of life.

  2. May 26, 2014

    We need to learn from them to relax and enjoy

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