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The Cat nobody Wanted

May 25, 2014


Born in an alley, her birth, a mystery,
Broken leg and sliced tail, her brief history
Imbedded in feline memory so vivid,
Anyone approaching, the kitten got livid

Abandoned and rescued, she was alive,
Put up for adoption so she may survive.
Scratched and meowed at those that called,
Nobody wanted this mongrel at all.

Till along came a soul with a heart of gold
Saw the pain behind big eyes so bold;
Lifted her up and took her home
As simple as that, she need never roam.

Bandaged her memories and soothed her nerves,
The kitten grew up, a cat with wow curves;
Her eyes shone bright with love so much,
Her skin grew soft as velvet to touch.

Loved and pampered she travels abroad
Passport and papers on planes, good Lord!
Queen of the house she lives secure,
Chattering with all who come through the door.

To Snickers who finally came home to stay
Who makes mischief and does nothing but play!

P.S Snickers is a rescue cat, fostered and later adopted by my daughter in Dubai, where she lived for three years. Then she shifted base with my daughter to Singapore .. where she lived for another three years. In September last year, they both moved to New Delhi in India. Extremely opinionated, Snickers has a mind and will of her own. You cannot tell her anything! The minute you do, she grumbles and mumbles under her breath and walks off! She is a one person cat and follows my daughter everywhere…and when she’s not around …she sits and sulks inside her cupboard! Full of character, she makes us laugh at her silly cat-tantrums and nonsensical what-have-yous'(!!). Very agile, she has a stub for a tail and the walk of a baby deer! We think she is a Manx (tailless cat from the Isle of Man) though its never been proven! Confined to living inside flats, it was a sight to see her first experience with a flight of stairs and green grass, on arrival India!



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  1. May 25, 2014

    Snickoo is looking adobe!

  2. May 25, 2014

    Lovely poem again! The cat is fortunate enough to have found your daughter and vice versa.

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