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The World like a Carousel

May 14, 2014


The world, like a carousel, spins so bright
And I, the foolish idiot, grins in its light

Round and round it happens to twirl
Faster and faster it seems to whirl

Calling out to me to take a ride
On its many seats, side-by-side

‘Sit on the horse of Wealth’, it neighs!
‘Or on the donkey of Fame’, it brays!

‘Perhaps the camel of Pleasures will do’?
‘Maybe the dragon of Wants & Needs is for you’?

Momentum it gains before the great fall
Offering no peace of mind at all!

Exhausted and drained, I alight
Unable to stand straight from the flight

There is an option, I know, to take

Just pause,
And apply the brake

The Carousel stops

The World stands still

In this stillness –
I feel the Divine thrill

Am I
The one taking the ride?
Or the observer on the outside?

26th August 2009
At the feet of the Master who stops the Carousel through infinite Grace.

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  1. May 15, 2014


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